Friday, January 28, 2011

What I'm Doing This Weekend

In the fall I talked about the K-12 Online Conference. I am still viewing sessions from that conference, some 3 months later. This weekend I will be attending a conference in Philadelphia called EduCon 2.3. Actually, I won't be in Philadelphia, but I will be attending the conference via online sources. I will be home in my jammies on my couch or recliner viewing my selected sessions remotely. The scheduled sessions start tomorrow, but today there is what are called Unconference (informal) sessions. I am following those conversations today as I work via Twitter. There are tons of messages coming out every hour and lots of good information in those messages. (search #educon on twitter to follow the conversation.

The conference is hosted by the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia under the direction of their visionary principal Chris Lehmann. The conference is staffed by teachers, STUDENTS, and parent volunteers from the school. In fact today, Philadelphia schools are closed due to weather conditions, but the students and parents would not be denied the opportunity of Educon and still showed up en masse. To me that in and of itself is a powerful message.

So, I will have other tasks to do this weekend, but every free moment I will be attending EduCon conversations. Oh, by the way, our own Dr. David Doty, Scot McCombs, and Darren Draper will be presenting a session at 12:30 pm MST on Sunday. I can't wait.