Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Summer of Adventure

This is going to be of the funnest Summers I have had in awhile. 2 more days of work then off on a 10 day romp to New York City and Philadelphia with my wife and 2 youngest kids (not that 19 and 16 are young). This will include participating in ISTE '11 in Philadelphia. I will be presenting a workshop on Tuesday afternoon/evening with some other ADE's on "ePub: How to Create Interactive E-Books for the iPad"

My directors and 5 other team members will also be presenting during the conference. It will be a great ISTE. I hope I can combine the work and family time effectively.

When we return home, my Son and Grandson will be making a 10 day visit from California. We miss them being far away from us, so we will be partying hard with them while they are here.

Then to finish out July I will be in Phoenix for a week at the ADE Summer Institute rubbing elbows with another group of terrific educators who will teach me so much. Then there will be the UCET Board retreat in Cedar City the last few days in July.
I don't think I have been gone for so much time from home in such a short timeframe as I will be in June and July. I am grateful that I will get to spend so much of it with at least part of my family and some of it with all of my family.

It will truly be a summer of adventure, and I can't wait to get started.