Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31st 2011 - Movin' on Over

I start out on Wednesdays at Willow Canyon. It makes it nice to spend the afternoon then the next morning at a school. It feels like there is a little more continuity. I checked in on a couple of the teachers that were unable to attend the iPad session we did last night. They are set up with email and ready to go. Also helped a teacher with an issue with Smart Response Teacher Tools.

Took a break from WC to go to Crescent to get ready for a College and Career Ready activity with Kindergartners on Friday. Dr. Doty and staff will be visiting the school. I will be working with Kindergartners on iPads. They sure didn't need much training. I showed them where the app was and they dove right in. The will do great on Friday.

Back at WC, got to help Mrs. Kaskimaki get her lunch count straightened out in Skyward thanks to Eric Taylor. Our helpdesk does a great job. Then worked with the resource teacher on a few issues. Need to get back to her to finish up a couple of things next week.

This afternoon I spent the time moving my office space. I have been in an office down the hall from the team for about 2 years. I moved into a space adjacent to where the team is and that we still intend to use as a podcast studio. I hope I can use the move as an impetus for doing that.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 - Doc Cam This!

I spent the morning at Oak Hollow Elementary. I helped a Kindergarten teacher with a couple of needs. I really like working with K teachers. It makes me almost feel like I'm helping my wife who teaches K. We set her up with a couple of mailing list for her parents and also worked out an issue with Microsoft Word that wouldn't allow windows bigger than about 1"x2". 

I worked with 1st grade to make sure their projectors and sound systems were working with the in-house A/V system. Simple things but every little bit helps.

The team had payroll meetings with Dr. Draper today. It was nice to see some of them even if only for a few minutes. It seems like we really don't get to spend very much time together anymore.

I worked at Willow Canyon this afternoon. The prime activity was meeting with a few of the teachers who received iPads last week. They set up their email. We talked about management of the devices and we looked at a few apps that they were really interested in.

Today marked the beginning of our Fall professional development offerings. Colleen, Diane and I are teaching the Using Technology Tools and Applications to Enhance the Curriculum and Engage Students  course this fall. Today was all about document cameras. We had 8 teachers in the class and it looked like they had a good time learning new things about their document cameras. They are one of the most popular devices we have introduced in the last few years.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How about a little attention to detail!

 So this is the box that Apple puts giveaway t-shirts in when they hold a store opening.
This is what the box looks like when opened. 


Seriously, who pays this much attention to detail other than Apple.