Thursday, October 13, 2005

One More Thing

The biggest potential One More Thing from Apple's announcement yesterday as far as education goes is the status of the eMac. It has been dropped from every Apple store listing except for educational institution purchasing.
Macworld was finally able to get a response from Apple about the eMac. It apparently is gone for everyone except schools. I have two questions then, 1) How long will the eMac last even for school purchases? and 2) What does Apple have up their sleeve for educational machines for the future?
My guess is that the answers will not be forthcoming until the Intel based Macs start showing up. Apple needs machines in the price niche that the eMacs hit for education. For next year's buying season though I think that makes Apple's position a little shaky. I hope Apple's roadmap for machines for education gets laid out a little more clearly in the next couple of months. Podcast coming! See You in a Few!

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