Saturday, November 26, 2005

Apple Store-The Gateway Opening for iPod with Video

Here is a recompressed version of the video specifically for the iPod with video.

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Lynne said...

Your video was lots of fun, Kelly. Like you, I have been a longtime Mac user and educator. (Has it been over 20 years)? When they opened the first Apple store in the Galeria out here, I lined up and met people from all over. But, I have to say your Salt Lake City group looked even more enthusiastic.

Listening to your podcasts and watching your video has made me ready to try both in my classroom. I teach high school at a brand new school, and though most of the equipment is PC, a few of us held out and obtained Macs. I teach Journalism and English, so Macs work best for what I do.

Keep up your good work. You inspire.