Tuesday, June 06, 2006

TEM Podcast 30b-The Real #30

Whoops, I skipped a number there. So Podcast 30 is really 29 and 30b here is the real 30. My Bad!
Show Notes
eMac replacement in the works?
Apple Camp for kids this summer
Apple sells PowerSchool to Pearson Assessment, then Pearson turns around and purchases Chancery Software. Nothing like cornering the market on everything.
Dell opening two stores, but you can't walk out with anything you purchase. What is not to get here?
MacBook hands on
iWeb Review. Addtional iWeb templates available from iLife Stuff, and Lamiavia. Problem uploading with 1.1 update. The website I am maintaining using iWeb, Black Ice.
One Minute Book Review of Naked Conversations
NECC 2006-San Diego, CA July 5-7
Apps I Use-StickyBrain
Interview with Richard Miller of FreeMacWare
Cousin Calculator
See You in a Few!
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