Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wow, What a Concept!

As I continue through the day, something has struck me. I can clearly remember when my youngest child was born 11 years ago. There was some pretty amazing technology in the room. Today as I look around my mom's room, what strikes me is that there is even more technology and it has been completely integrated into the hospital routine and experience. My mom's nurse is older than I am (and that's all I am saying about that), but she uses the computer in the room to input Mom's vitals every half-hour. I wonder if she had to go to hours and hours of professional development .

There are doctors, nurses, aides all using computers at various stations in the hallways. (I would have paid $100 for a digital camera to take a picture of the doctor using a Dell computer, looking at iMacs on the Apple website. I need a new cell phone with decent picture taking abilities.) While I am sure that they have all received training, there is no debate over whether they will use it or not. They just do. What to they use it for? To share information and data (can you say collaborate) to help do their jobs to the best of their ability.


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