Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Seeing is Believing

Over the past couple of years I have probably read over 100 blog entries stating in one form or another that learning is conversation. This concept has never hit me as hard as it did today as I did some observation in a kindergarten classroom. I watched a teacher do a marvelous job of explaining to the cute little ones what there task was to be. The kids went back to their desks and started working on their task. However, they didn't seem into it.

Then the interesting stuff happened. The volume in the room began to grow, but it wasn't idle conversation. The kids were talking about what they were doing and as they talked they got more excited about the task. The volume never got overwhelming, but the energy that developed was really impressive.

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Steve said...

I miss teaching kindergarten :)

You make a great point though. I used to say that you'd always be able to hear my class before you see it. Not because it was out of control or anything, but because active learning makes noise!