Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Power of Support

I sat at an event honoring young women from our congregation this evening. One young woman who has had some personal struggles of late got up to sing. The piano began, she began, but a couple of lines had to stop being overcome with emotion. She asked the pianist to start again and she tried to start again with the same results. At this point, two other young ladies got up and stood by their friend, lending their support. She tried to start again and still could not finish the song. The pianist just played the entire song. Throughout those few minutes the young ladies stood with their friend offering their continued support. It was a moving and powerful moment.

It made me think of some of my own struggles the past few weeks. Speaking professionally, at times I have felt like I couldn't continue with things I was doing. Yet everytime I got to a low point some kind of support would come through the edtech community, be it an answer to a question or the posting of a link to conversation, or other type of discussion. This support has helped bouy me up.

Now we have this great K12 online conference and I would like to thank not only the Seedlings, but all of those who are presenting during the conference. A huge thanks as well to the conveners of the conference. I can feel the stress in posts and tweets from these tireless workers. I want them to know that there efforts are appreciated. k12online07

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