Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 - Doc Cam This!

I spent the morning at Oak Hollow Elementary. I helped a Kindergarten teacher with a couple of needs. I really like working with K teachers. It makes me almost feel like I'm helping my wife who teaches K. We set her up with a couple of mailing list for her parents and also worked out an issue with Microsoft Word that wouldn't allow windows bigger than about 1"x2". 

I worked with 1st grade to make sure their projectors and sound systems were working with the in-house A/V system. Simple things but every little bit helps.

The team had payroll meetings with Dr. Draper today. It was nice to see some of them even if only for a few minutes. It seems like we really don't get to spend very much time together anymore.

I worked at Willow Canyon this afternoon. The prime activity was meeting with a few of the teachers who received iPads last week. They set up their email. We talked about management of the devices and we looked at a few apps that they were really interested in.

Today marked the beginning of our Fall professional development offerings. Colleen, Diane and I are teaching the Using Technology Tools and Applications to Enhance the Curriculum and Engage Students  course this fall. Today was all about document cameras. We had 8 teachers in the class and it looked like they had a good time learning new things about their document cameras. They are one of the most popular devices we have introduced in the last few years.

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