Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 21, 2011 - The faster I go the further my behind gets.

Well this daily posting thing is going swell, isn't it. The title pretty much spells it out. But I am determined to get this done as often as possible. 

This has been a great week. All week I have had teachers seek me out for things beyond "it doesn't work." A lot of "how can I do this?..." This morning at Willow Canyon, I had so many questions so quickly I didn't even have time to put my glasses on. Mind you I can't see much of anything on a computer screen or anything up close without my glasses. So it was kind of the blind leading those who need help for about an hour. 

Speaking of glasses. I bought some new reading specs. My prescription lenses are progressive lenses and they kind of worked. They were hard to get used to, and all they really did is make my neck progressively more painful as I wore them. So I gave them up and went back to reading glasses. So now I just have to do the grandpa thing all of the time. 


I was working with a class and a set of iPods yesterday, and I told the kids not to let the glasses bother them. The first time I pulled them down to I could make out kids faces one of them blurted out, "wow, you are old, aren't you?" I nodded, sighed and kept on going. The biggest problem is that I know it's my mind that is going next.


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