Friday, February 04, 2005

Worms Underground and All Around

Man I love my Mac. The tech repair and support staff in our district has had a tough week this week. They have been doing nothing but trying to clean up the latest round of worms on PCs in our district.
Just in the building I work in one man spent 2 days trying to eradicate them from the premises. What a joke! All that effort and expertise wasted and the problem still isn't solved. We have about 90 facilities in our district. There are PCs in about 1/2 of them. There is probably an installed base of about 6,000 PC's in those schools and offices. With about 6 tech staff to work on it... well you do the math. It's not that they were all infected, well it seems like they just about all were.
Most of my work is done on the elementary level in the district. Fortunately, our elementaries are about 99% Mac. Needless to say the elementaries saw very little need for help this week. What is amazing to me is how the PC lovers continue to rave about how much better their platform choice is. Okay, they can't use their machines, but it sure is better.
It just seems to me that in this day and age there is no rational reason to put PCs in our K-12 schools. So much wasted time. Well it looks like the worms won this one. By next week we will be declared pretty much worm free in the district, at least until the next one.
I'm going to save my favorite anecdote from this week for the next podcast. I hope to complete it tomorrow. Until then...

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