Friday, March 18, 2005

Bit's 'n Pieces

Once again it seems as if time has passed me as if I were a tortoise in the freeway median. All things rushing by me in different directions and I feel like pulling my head back into my shell.

It sometimes amazes me at what a little help can do to invigorate teachers. Our curriculum technology team has spent a lot of time training teachers in a new online test prep that is available in Utah. It is called UTIPS. I have probably done 20 trainings on UTIPS so far and it is amazing to watch teachers attitudes perk up as they see what they can do and how easily they can do it. I had one group come in ready to burn the principal in effigy for making them come to another professional development. By the time they left they were ready to buy him dinner. If you have something that teachers really feel can help them, they are so grateful. But then, it seems we as educators get so little, that I guess it doesn't take much.

Okay, a little something Mac related for the weekend. If you use and love Garageband like I do then you probably are looking for more loops to use. Macjams is offering a free mini pack of some of their loops. You have to register at their site, but then you can download the pack. You can also create a song using the new loops and submit it to a contest they are holding. Prizes include an iPod Mini and USB Keyboards and what educator couldn't use those.

On another note, as I watch the the feedburner stats for the podcast it keeps going up. I appreciate those who are listening and recommending the cast to others. Thanks!

See You in a Few!

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