Tuesday, March 08, 2005

TEM Podcast #5 and Movin' on Up

Podcast #5 is finaly up, although almost 24 hours later than I had hoped. I did not do this just either. I have had too little sleep and too much cold the last day and a half. This episode contains the 2nd part of joint podcast between Kathy Webb and myself. Kathy was kind enough to invite me to co-present a session on podcasting at our state educational technology conference. Kathy's set up is amazing. What you will hear in this is a short series of conversations that attendees to the session came up with. They chose what to speak about and then bravely stepped to the microphone. Kathy cleaned this up with SoundSoap which I need to look at a bit closer. Anyway, enjoy and I will be back with part 1 of this session on Wednesday along with some other items of interest.
On another note, the official site for The Educational Mac is up and running.I still have a few bugs to work out, especially with the rss feeds, but you can get the show directly from the site for now. I will get everything straightened out by Wednesday.
See You in a Few!

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