Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Homes on the Online Range

I must be feeling loquacious these days. Maybe my mind is coming out of a fog. For the first time in awhile thoughts seem to be actually coalescing in my brain. One thing that has struck me in particular late is thoughts of home. Having done some traveling this summer, I have been away from home more than usual. While away I have found myself thinking more about home than usual. Could be the old age creeping in. Anyway those thoughts of home always lead to peaceful, comfortable feelings. One thing that I have noticed about being home though is I seem to be shutting out more of the outside influences when I am home. This may be good or bad.

Along those same lines I have been thinking about online homes. I have places online that evoke the same feelings that being at home does. For me those homes include the Twitterverse, Google Reader, and the ADE forum pages. I also notice that when in these online home environment I tend again to shut out more of the outside influences. I am not sure this even makes sense, but let me give an example.

On Monday it was thought that a small to moderate earthquake struck in central Utah about 100 miles to the Southeast of my home. This "earthquake" caused a mine collapse trapping 6 miners. It is now being reported that actually the collapse caused the seismic readings not the other way around. Anyway, through my online homes I was aware that this had occurred except I didn't know it had happened here in Utah until about 6 hours later.

It makes me wonder if I have let myself get too comfortable in both my real world and online homes.

See You in a Few!

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Hey Kelly,

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