Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Design with Forever in Mind - ISTE 2010 Session by Ben Wilkoff

Capturing, Creating, and Collecting Learning - Ben Wilkoff - learningischange.com

This session was about what forever means as it relates to how our students work survives in todays world. It focused on capturing the student voice, whether that be through audio, video, text, etc. These are the concepts that Ben presented. (My comments in italics)

A great question to lead off... How do you create learning that last forever? ...and what does forever mean anyway?

  • Forever does not mean planning for storing things indefinitely.
  • Forever does not mean password protecting all of your ideas and creations.
  • Forever does not mean that your work remains unchanged over time.
  • Forever does not mean you are storing it.
  • Forever does not mean that everything should be preserved

Forever means more than that.

It means: 

  1. Done does not exist.
  2. Everyone has something to teach.
  3. Exit strategies are not optional.

So, how do you capture your learning? How do your students capture theirs?

This is where I think we as educators have to be extremely wise in the choice of tools. If we try to keep student work in a walled garden, we will fail. They want to be heard. If we don't provide the desired tools and the spaces there are many places online that will. But in providing those spaces there has to be an exit strategy, if not they will not choose to use our spaces.

How will you capture learning thorough Voice?

How do you (will you) use cell phones to capture learning?

Capturing Learning through Video and the Screen

  • The Record Button
  • Video Collaboration
    • Open Spokes - openspokes.com
      • Ask questions and record answer in video.
      • If you have a webcam 
      • Ask and frame a question at Open Spokes.

Capturing Learning though objects, Email, and Real-time creation:

This is an important message. Students are creating,we need to help them find spaces to help them do that and also will enable them to continue to build on their thoughts and ideas. Oh yeah, and be able to get to them again 3-5 years from now.

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