Monday, August 30, 2010

iPad Discoveries for Me Today!

I made a couple of discoveries about the iPad today that have increased my excitement about this device. The first is the the release of an update to Pages that allows for exporting of documents in the ePub format. This means you can take documents and make books out of them pretty easily. Not 1-2-3 easy, but pretty danged easy.  I was able to create a document with pictures and even video that worked in iBooks. This is pretty powerful. It really ups the game for teachers. 
The second discovery really only applies to educators in Utah, but UTIPS (Utah Test Item Pool Service) is nearly fully functional on the iPad. You can create and take assessments on the iPad. The only thing I didn't try was uploading media, which I suspect won't work, but for the rest this is pretty cool. 
Here is a link to the example "book" that I created this evening. UTIPS Basics ePub


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