Monday, May 23, 2005

The Educational Mac Podcast #15

The Educational Mac, Podcast 15, Saturday, May 21st Welcome to the Educational Mac Podcast. I apologize for the late show this week, but life has been crazy for a couple of weeks. Just as things are settling down at work as the school year begins to wind down, illness finds its way into the house. My son has not been at school in five weeks now. Three weeks of this was planned as our elementary operates on a year-round schedule and he was on a 3 week break. However, the coughing that began 3 days before he was to go back and the pneumonia that followed has kept him out the last 2 weeks. He was even to sick to play baseball, too sick to even want to play ball. That’s how we really knew how sick he was. His team is undefeated 11 games into the season and it has killed him not to be able to play these last 2 weeks. Anyway, he is finally getting well, but I took a lot of time off caring for him. The funny thing was, things at work started to pick up again as well. Thanks to email and iChat I was able to accomplish a lot of what I needed to while staying at home and caring for the boy. If there was a week I didn’t want to be late with the podcast, this was it. There actually hasn’t been a lot of Mac related educational news this past week, but some things kind of poked their heads up the last couple of days.
Cobb County Developments Macsimum News Coverage Cobb County BOE Press Release University of Georgia bow out of evaluation
Also, I apparently have a retraction to make from the blog, as the podcasting event that appeared on the social calendar for NECC disappeared today. NECC Social Calendar sans podcasting event
Steve Brooks over at the Edugadget blog posts about some new iPod software that looks promising in some ways. Edugadget Post on iStory Creator iStory Creator Homepage
Finally, from the sometimes wishes do come true department, information directly from a Henrico County Schools employee.
See You in a Few!


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