Monday, May 02, 2005

Tigerize Me

Okay, I got Tiger sooner than expected. Work came through rather quickly with a copy. I had backed up last weekend in case I was able to obtain a copy. So I took a chance and just updated with Tiger. The update ran fine, the machine restarted and wouldn't finish loading the OS. Great! I restarted once, everything came up and this machine has purred ever since.
I love this OS. Even with just updating the OS everything runs faster. I am especially impressed with how fast Safari is loading everything, but especially images. I imported my RSS feeds from Firefox, updated them and they are working great. I like the look of the reponse page for feeds much better than Sage in Firefox.
I am really liking Spotlight as well. My drive indexed in about 20 minutes. I was expecting it to take much longer. I never got Quicksilver to work right for me, but Spotlight works really well for what it is supposed to do. I don't know about "expert" Mac users, but I think teachers will really love Spotlight.
Dashboard is really fun, really cool, and really looks good. I don't think it will improve my workflow in any way, but it is really fun, really cool and really looks good.
I like the changes to Mail as well. I like being rid of the drawer. That always bugged me. Overall it just is cleaner to deal with for me.
Now let me get my rant out. The thing I was most looking forward to with Tiger was the new iChat AV. 10 in an audio chat, 4 in a video chat, cool, cool, cool! Oh, but wait, hold the phone. Come to find out there are some limitations to these functions. With my Powerbook G4 1.5 I can initiate and participate in an audio chat of more than two. However, I cannot initiate only participate in a video chat involving more than two machines. I don't get mad at Apple very often, but I am pissed about this one. Maybe I wasn't listening very well at some point, but I never heard anyone or saw anything saying I would have to have a DP G4 or a G5 to utilize all of the features of the new iChat. Boo on not letting the word out louder.
Aside from that however, I am very pleased with Tiger. About 10 of us in the office loaded it today, and for the most part installation went well. One guy's email didn't quite make the transition, but he'll live.
Other than my gripe, I have to say that Apple did a pretty good job with this update and I look forward to them making it even better.
See You in a Few!


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