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Darren Draper–TTIX Keynote

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Talks about the fact that he is preaching to the choir.

70 Million blogs- some of them have to be good - david sifri, Technorati

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Todays topic is change, not money, school change, student change, teacher change

40% of teachers in Utah are older than 50

Teachers are stuck in a rut

In helping teachers, we help students

Technology for teachers
Other things are out there.

Times have changed, we're not in the 90's

"We live in a world where the only thing constant is change!" Ian Jukes

Just 2 years ago life was different

2 years ago... There were nine planets Brad and Jen now Brad and Angelina Tsunami New Orleans pre Katrina Virginia Tech just another school
No Windows Vista No XBOX 360, PS3, Wii Just beginning video podcasts AJAX just beginning No YouTube, TeacherTube No Twitter

Back to Jukes quote.
The only question is how do we keep up.

Karl Fisch-We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist, using technologies that haven't been invented in order to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet. These are amazing times Students have changed...

Two year-old daughter on computer clicking mouse–Who taught her?
The kids pick it up.

Photo of daughter showing grandpa how to use his iPod-Who is teaching whom?

Children today are growing up immersed in media.

83% Children 0-6 use a screen media in a typical day
65% Live in a home where the TV is on at least 1/2 the time

Kids are active consumers.

77% turn on the TV by themselves
67% ask for particular shows
62% use remote to change channels

4-6 year olds

70% have used a computer
27% use a computer in a typical day
56% without parents

Kids want to Create

They've created a new language
IM Speak

Abbreviations all parents should know

Books now being written in IM
Lauren myracle

Dying Language

IM Speak vs Latin

Kids don't care that the language is dying

No one can stop them from doing it. Not even teachers.

"These teens were born into a digital world where the expect to be able to create, consume, remix, and share Lee Raimi-PEW

65,000 uploads per day to YouTube, 2700 uploads per hour, 45 per minute

57% of online teens create content for the internet

Sharing-Creative Commons

Showing videos from YouTube

Guitar Canon–20.9 million views
Hey Clip–14.7 milion views
Fast Food Freestyle–6.6 million views
Toto Africa Machinima–14,000 views

Lot's of creativity–Can't we harness that in our schools

Sunday Bloody Sunday–President Bush

Is it goofy?
Is it Useful?

Generation D
Digital Natives
Button-Pushing Generation

One Key Question

Are we Engaging Them?

More times than not we are not.

Our schools are changing (slowly)

One way we can adapt is to use the technology that our kids already love.

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