Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Will Richardson's Workshop-Empowering Practice: Leveraging the Read/Write Web for Professional Growth

Notes to Self in parenthesis (Doing this reminds me of how bad a note taker I was in college. Obviously not a very good live blogger either). willsworkshop-6.jpg This is an introductory workshop for the tools of the read/write web. It is about how to use the tools for the educators own professional practice.
BTW-Working on a PC and yes it is killing me. Dang noisy keyboards. These are hugely disruptive times because of these technologies.The important piece to this is learning to create your own learning environments, because this is what are students are going to need to learn to do. A little discussion about blocking the tools, etc. First working with Wikis. Using Wikispaces. The intelligence services of the US are using a wiki. Difference between wikis and blogs. Blogs about conversation, wikis about dumping information. Wikispaces not cooperating so we're switching to Google. Looking at Google Reader. Describing RSS and how Google Reader Works. Going over how to subscribe to feeds with Reader. Spending a lot of time on features of Google Reader (Shared Items, Tags (which I haven't used, but great idea). Now looking at Del.icio.us. (It too is being a little balky. I actually think it is the network here). Now playing with PageFlakes. Haven't done so before, kind of like Google Reader on steroids. (Will is doing a great job of handling all of the hiccups). Going back to Wikispaces with the hope that it will behave now. It is working much better. (I have been a pretty strong proponent of PBWiki, but I am thinking that Wikispaces is easier to use. I need to do a wiki bake-off). Now looking at blogs. Using LearnerBlogs or Edublogs. They too are being flakey. Will thinks these are due to actual problems at the sites. Will wishes that things were working better so he could show his workflow. I wish so too. Going through Wordpress features. Addressing how to get these tools used effectively in schools. It's all about the personal networking and learning. As usual the conversation at the end makes the difference. willsworkshop-5.jpg Great job Will! n07s688 necc07 necc2007

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