Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Adding to the Chorus of Boos

Let me add my 2 cents worth (With apologies to David). It really is not good that the preeminant educational technology conference does not supply wireless access in the session rooms of the conference. In the past 2 yrs. (New Orleans and Seattle) coverage has been a little spotty in the rooms, but you could usually get out. Not here. I am really disappointed.


Bill Kempthorne said...

I'll second that on the wireless access, if they didn't have wireless that would be one thing, but they have coverage but it is not open to attendees.

hemi said...

I'll 'third' that on the wireless access. Something is better than nothing I agree but it would be much better if you could get it in the rooms as well. Am I being selfish? Blogging and sharing my notes while being in a session would be great. Live blogging wow what a feeling.

Lucy Gray said...

I also found it highly annoying that I could only get wireless in a few places. I thought Philly was supposed to be one of the most wired cities in America! My hotel also did not have wireless, but maybe I'm expecting too much. My ethernet jack is broken, so I was stuck with dial up. How spoiled I've become!