Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Effective Weblogs in Education Workshop

Tim Laurer, Tom Hoffman, Steve Burt, & Anne Davis (via Skype) Starting with Steve Burt introducing everyone and having us login to a blog they set up for this session. There seems to be a problem with the blog they have setup amd we can't get into. Tim is carrying on while they work on it. Tim is talking about his experiences and introduction to rss and blogging. He went pretty extensively through the Lewis Elementary site and how he uses it.
Steve has the site back up and working and is explaining how to use the Moveable Type engine, mostly for novices.
A question is asked about the difference between listservs and blogs. Tom talks about the ability to subscribe to what you want and not having to put up with Trolls and the like.
Anne is now presenting her part of the session. This is the page she set up for the session.
Tom is now talking about teachers weblogs. He asked for hands of those who have read teachers weblogs and what they think. He is talking about those blogging anonymously and those who are more "out" with theirs. He is urging educators to be professional and discrete in what they blog. He is encouraging teachers to blog under their own name so that they may feel a little inhibited so things don't come back and bite them in a few months or years.
There are a few questions about implementing.
Ben Harris is now talking about Wordpress. I enjoyed the information presented in this session.

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Brett Moller said...

Hey great blog here.... Being from Australia I couldn't get over to NECC. I am saving the $$ for next year though. Just got into the whole blogging, podcast things. I am planning on what I am referring to a "BETA" projeect for our next school term (2 weeks away). My kids are going to be blogging away on different issues. Should make this interesting. I would love to get as many people as possible checking it out and commenting as we go. Given that US teachers are on a break now for a while thought it could be a good time to start. I see a bunch of potential here for education. David Warklicks blog about NECC has been great!!! Enjoying your podcast too.... Please visit my site at http://www.brettmoller.com I am going to be doing some work to it today.