Monday, June 27, 2005

Digital Storytelling from ADE's

Class taught by several ADE's including Marco Torres and Don Henderson. Talking about visual grammar. POV, Different Shots
10 commandments- Light-White Balance, No light, no picture, Light influences mood, emotion, light metering-use your hand, shadows-soft vs. hard Composition-Rule of thirds, pay attention to the intersections not the squares Get a tripod, keep camera movement to a minimum, pant, tilt, or zoom only for a purpose, walk like Groucho if you have to. Hold your breath for the close up shot. Keep the lens clean. Sound-Makes or breaks your movie, Mics-Handheld, lavaliere, boom, Camera mic & your closet-Buy one(any or all three), record ambient noise, room tone. record narration into camera, not the computer, headphones are a must, level your sound in FCP between 9-12 Light- Composition- Sound- Light- Composition- Sound- Light+Composition+Sound
Shooting Tips- be aware that you're in a team, shoot multiple takes, not them on the storyboards, separate shots using a slate, clapper, get permission forms if necessary.Software Tools suggested-Comic Life, Inspiration Storyboarding-give a scene in words and make them draw it.
Marco Torres examples Planning sheet


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