Thursday, July 06, 2006

Award Winning Digital Photography Projects - Arnie Abrams

He is referring to the DeWitt Jones Keynote yesterday and mentions the creativity aspect. He will focus more on bringing this to the classroom. Handout available at Arnie's website.
Why bother
Visual Literacy
Visual Learners
Visual subjects
NETS Standards
Better, cheaper, easier cameras
New, fun, motivating
Instant results
Have your own darkroom
Cross-curricular projects
The Week That Was
Safety Do's and Dont's Poster
Research Project rather than paper
Getting Started with Digital Photography
Start with a specific assignment in mind
Portrait, motion, documentation
Going on assignment
Which is the Fake?
Make a commercial

Language Arts
Photo sequences or Every Picture Tells a Story . Story starters
Book Reports that come to life
Bilingual Photo Dictionary
Human Letters
Photo Flash Cards
Mystery Objects
Parts of Speech

Special effects Photography - Time-lapse, Stop Motion, Panorama, Spin Object
Extreme Close Ups
Adopt a Tree

Social Studies
Virtual Postcards
Politics and Pictures
Two Sides to a Story
History Figure Cube
Our Town-Past, Present & Future

Math Projects
Pictures of Math
Counting Items
Human Bar Chart
Fraction Photos

Social Skills
Illustrating Emotions

Teacher Tools
Visual Seating Chart
Student ID Cards
Enhance Field Trips

Camera Management Tips
Inexpensive cameras for student use
Standardize equipment
No "hand-offs"
Keep a camera handy
Keep spare batteries charged
Lots of memory cards

Digital Workflow
1. Capture - Shoot the picture, or scan, or have film transferred to digital, get a picture from the internet.
2. Transfer - Upload the pictures to a computer via the camera or a card reader
3. Edit - crop, correct or enhance.
4. Share - Print or share the photos electronically, back up to a CD or DVD

Useful web links at

Project Management Tips
Training Session
Student Licenses
Copy the Manual
Organize images into folders
Store file on external drives or CD/DVD
De-emphasize printing
Share photos on the web-Web photo albums
This session was as full at the DP session I attended yesterday. But I think this crowd got more out of it. The presentation was better and filled out the session time much better. Both presenters obviously enjoy digital photography, but Arnie showed more of a passion for it.

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