Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Educational Mac Podcast #31-NECC 2006 Special Edition 1

Sessions attended today-BTW, I have to hand it to ISTE and the NECC crew this year. The wireless access throughout the conference center is terrific. There were a few slowdowns, but the access seemed very robust. Once again, I applaud conference organizers. They really stepped up after the lack of access last year.
San Diego is a great place for conferences. I have attended many here and just love it. I think if I could afford to live anyplace I wanted, San Diego would be in the top 3 of my choices. Speaking of affordability. I can't believe there are still hotels that charge you so much for a night's stay and still won't provide free internet access. When Best is Free: An Educator's Guide to Open Source
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See You in a Few! (hours that is)
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