Friday, July 07, 2006

Digital Photography-The Good, the Bad, The Ugly - Leslie Fisher

Leslie knows digital photography. I have seen her present before. Top problems with Digital Photography
Not Close Enough
Not in Focus-Press the shutter button halfway down to set the focus.
Camera Shake - What causes it? Lack of lighting. What can you do about it? Tripod or table, set a time, change the settings, use a flash.
Boring Composition-Use Law of thirds. Look for lines, Sapce makes you think, Shoot High/Shoot Low, If I see another...
Ignoring the background
Missing the Moment - Why does it happen? Camera trying to expose for everything. Use Sports mode. Warning, the faster the shot, the less light brought into the camera. Watch for underexposed shots.
Too Much Flash
Too little Flash
Why not Vertical? Digital Zoom - Crap
Wrong Settings - Pixels, Pixel = Pixel Info. The dots that make up the overall picture, Megapixel = 1 million pixels, 1280 x 1024,is 1.3 Megapixels, The more megapixels in your camera, the bigger the picture! The better the print, Pixel dimensions will vary by brand. Take Pictures as largest quality possible.
Camera Settings
Camera Raw - Camera does not touch the image whatsoever.
Shutter priority
Aperture Priority
Exposure Compensation
White Balance Adjustment
Lighting - Friend and Foe, look for natural light sources, Hand Test Leslie is not allowed to reproduce the handout for this session due to a contract with a business, but check her site for her other handouts which are just terrific.


DigitalHarold said...

I teach digital imaging to 7th graders. To see the projects my students do take a look at:

Anonymous said...

Leslie is AWESOME. I have seen her several times at conferences. I ALWAYS learn great concepts and techniques. She is very engaging, interacts well with her audience, and entertaining in her teaching approach. Teaching digital photography can be challenging. She highlights many of the concepts that new students miss. She uses both good and bad examples to illustrate her points.