Thursday, July 06, 2006

The MegaVCR: Media and More in Your Pocket - Hall Davidson

For me Hall Davidson is another can't miss. I have attended conferences where Hall has presented for about 10 years now. He has such a great presentation personna and knows his stuff. The things he has done with the California Multimedia Festival was the inspiration for what we have done with our district elementary film festival.
This session is about the video iPod. United Streaming license's now allow for download ing of their content. Showed a mix he did using Premiere Elements of US content with him overlayed. It is pretty amazing. Hall makes a pretty good case for teachers having video iPods. Showing other content from US on the iPod. Showed a few other videos. Now he is actually going to show the process of getting the video from download to iPod.
The thing about Hall is that no matter what he is presenting, he is entertaining and hilarious. It's too bad they didn't advertise the session better, the crowd was smaller but it was still fun and very informative.

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