Thursday, July 06, 2006

Building Your Own Media Empire - Chris Walsh

Subtitle: Podcasting to Improve Communication & Training in Education Communities (handouts at Looking at community driven content.
1 - Understand Podcasting
2 - See/hear in action
3 - Create a simple podcast
RSS makes it all possible.
Your digital news wire.
It's democratic distribution of content
"The Long Tail" - Something for everyone
Blogs - Text entries, published periodically
Podcasts - audio/video episodes, published periodically (interesting comment on the content being personal)
Why Now? - ease of distribution, more bandwidth, better mobile devices
Time Shifting - listen or watch anytime
Place Shifting - listen or watch "anywhere"
Enables learning everywhere & all of the time
Student Voices
Professional Development
Community Outreach
Home Communication
Plays examples of podcasts - they are listed on the handout. Doing an example podcast using the Odeo Studio
This was a very well planned out and executed session.

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